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  • 09-15-17 9:00 am - 09-15-17 4:00 pm
    This program will teach basic concepts of Trauma-Informed Care- an increasingly important evidenced-based practice for service providers and their organizations.  The workshop will offer clear definitions of types of trauma and stress with a specific focus on the impact of toxic stress on a developing brain.  Understanding the mechanism by which adversity in childhood impacts the adoption of high-risk behaviors and subsequent health outcomes can give us important insight into some of the major public health crises of our time, including obesity and addiction.  Trauma-Informed Care offers a framework from which to understand challenging behaviors and resistance to treatment at both an organizational and face-to-face level.  In addition, using a Trauma-Informed framework can guide specific day to day interactions with clients to become more collaborative, responsive, and ultimately effective.    


The New Hampshire Chapter is constituted to advance the purposes of the National Association of Social Workers in New Hampshire and is a basic administrative unit of the National Association of Social Workers, Inc. The New Hampshire Chapter program and structure is designed to encourage and facilitate participation by members. NH-NASW strongly supports the core values of the social work profession including “service, social justice, dignity and worth of the person, importance of human relationships, integrity, and competence” (source: Code of Ethics).