NH Licensure Information

In New Hampshire, the New Hampshire Board of Mental Health Practice licenses clinical social workers. The statute that regulates censure is Law RSA 330-A. Section 18, which pertains to clinical social workers, reads as follows.

330-A:18 Clinical Social Workers. – The board shall issue a clinical social worker license to any person who meets all of the following requirements or their equivalent:

  1. Has received a college undergraduate degree.
  2. Has received a 2-year master’s degree or doctorate degree in social work from a school approved by the Council on Social Work Education.
  3. Has had 2 years and 3,000 hours of paid, post-masters, supervised clinical experience.
  4. Has passed a national examination approved by the board.

Source. Title XXX, Occupations and Professions, Chapter 330-A Mental Health Practice, 1998, 234:1, eff. Oct. 31, 1998. For additional information about the statute and licensing procedures, please contact the Board of Mental Health Practice and find additional information at their Web site: http://www.state.nh.us/mhpb/.

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