NASW Risk Retention Group, Inc partners with Pearl Insurance

Dear NASW Chapter Executive Director,

The NASW Risk Retention Group, Inc. (RRG) is pleased to announce its new business partnership with Pearl Insurance, a nationally recognized, third-party insurance administrator, which will serve as our new administrator for the Liability Insurance Program.  To better service our members, we are upgrading our systems.  We anticipate the enhancement to the upgraded system will be compete on August 26, 2015. CPH & Associates will continue to provide administrative services through the August 25, 2015.

Why a New Administrator?

CPH & Associates was a tremendous asset to us during the launch of the RRG and over the past three years.  However, it is the RRG’s desire to provide the best possible service for NASW members. Therefore, we seek to contract with administrators who offer solid customer service and business solutions for the RRG and NASW Assurance Services (ASI). After careful analysis and consideration, we believe that Pearl Insurance will provide new opportunities for strength in technology, data security and an overall better customer experience for our policyholders.

Why Pearl Insurance?

Pearl Insurance is ranked among the top direct-marketing third-party administrators in the United States. They are constantly enhancing their customers’ experiences through outstanding one-on-one customer attention. Their trained experts focus on maintaining and improving member experience and relationships.

Pearl’s stability and longevity in the marketplace separates them from others as they have been providing the industry’s leading insurance programs for 60 years. They are uniquely qualified to provide unparalleled service through a combination of product and technology innovation, supported by outstanding customer service.

Just as with our previous administrator, Pearl’s duties include premium billing, collection, claim coordination, customer service responsibilities, and new and renewal application processing.  We believe that the new administrator is simply an extension of the NASW RRG services. Therefore, the Pearl Insurance name will not be highly visible to our members.  We will use NASW RRG Plan Administrator when there is any mention of customer service and the plan administrator.

Do members need to take action?

No, members will not need to take action.  This upgrade to the system is expected to be seamless. For that reason, we are not informing our policyholders about the new administrator.  We are prepared to address any individual questions or concerns from our policyholders.

Beginning on August 26, 2015, members interested in purchasing a new policy, renewing their current coverage or have any questions regarding their current NASW-Endorsed liability product, the NASW RRG Plan Administrator customer service representatives will be available at 888-278-0038 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST to answer any questions. Members may also inquire about the NASW-Endorsed Liability Insurance Program by sending an email to: or visiting for additional information.

Your cooperation and patience as we work with Pearl to achieve a seamless, smooth and efficient enhancement of administrators is appreciated.  The RRG has a lot of work and many challenges ahead, but the staff implementation team is working tirelessly to ensure success. Please be assured that we will continue to monitor this process well after August 26th and will be here to assist our member policyholders should any experience a problem.

NASW Chapter questions regarding the transition should be directed to Patty Dold, Deliver Solutions Leader, (301) 644-5402 or


Tony Benedetto

Chief Executive Officer

NASW Assurance Services