The Practicum Experience in Coaching Children and Teens

Approved by NASW, NH Chapter, for 6 Cat. 1 CE Credits, Auth. # 2559

In this hands-on seminar you will discuss methods and tools for empowering children and teens through coaching, and then practice the skills learned. Principles of the coaching process will be reviewed while the practice of coaching and promoting growth in children and teens is emphasized. Rationales and systems for assessment, problem solving, goal setting, and making, implementing, evaluating, and reorganizing plans will be outlined. Human growth exercises, decision-making skills, empowerment techniques, listening strategies and consultation methods will be offered. You will also examine challenging cases and share experiences with difficult problems. Person-to-person coaching, group processing, brainstorming, and solution-focused interactive communication will be used.

(This is part of the Coaching Children and Teens and the Coaching Children and Teens with ADHD Certificate Programs, but you do not need to enroll in the programs to take this workshop.)

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