Home of the Brave: An Introduction to Working with Returning Veterans and their Families

Over 2 million Americans have served in the last 15 years of the Global War on Terrorism.  Many are returning home and looking for the anonymity of community mental health centers and private practices for mental health care.  They live and work among us and their children attend our public schools.  Many will not identify themselves as returning veterans (or loved ones of returning veterans) unless asked directly.


This workshop will prepare the non-military helping professional for culturally-informed relationships with this unique population.  The focus will be on the values, beliefs and attitudes towards seeking help as well as the unique language used in different military branches.  Returning veterans often complain about having to spend their first session explaining military culture to civilian professionals.  Clinical implications of working with a military member will be explored through case vignettes.   Cultural sensitivity will inform the practice approaches of workshop participants.