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Change Direction – May 23, 2016- State House

NH 1st State in Nation to “Change Direction” on Mental Health

CONCORD, N.H. – First Lady Michelle Obama was among the first supporters of a new approach to mental health called Change Direction, and now the Granite State is becoming the first in the nation to launch a statewide effort.

Doctor Bill Gunn is director of Primary Care Behavioral Health at the NH Dartmouth Family Medicine Residency in Concord.

He says Change Direction New Hampshire aims to increase our willingness to talk about emotional stress and mental illness.

It will focus on getting Granite Staters to know the five warning signs of emotional distress.

“To legitimize in the same way we would look for signs of arthritis or heart attack or anything else,” says Gunn. “That these are the signs of emotional suffering.”

Experts say everyone experiences degrees of emotional distress and nearly one-in-five Americans has a diagnosable mental health disorder.

Gunn says this program opens the door to getting them the help they need.

Governor Maggie Hassen along with most of the state’s congressional delegation are expected to be at the State House this morning to launch the program.

Gunn says the warning signs include withdrawal, hopelessness and agitation. Others have to do with an absence of self-care.

“People who are making decisions that are really affecting their lives negatively, so they are not able to take good care of themselves,” says Gunn. “And lastly, just any kind of big change in personality. Somebody says, ‘He or she is just not themselves lately. I wonder what’s going on?’ They would feel like they could ask and try to invite a conversation about that.”

The public is invited for the event at 10 a.m. at the State House.

Barbara Van Dahlen, the national founder of Change Direction and one of Time Magazine’s “Most Influential People” of 2012, will be the keynote speaker.

Mike Clifford, Public News Service – NH

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For more information on the Change Direction Campaign and ways to get involved, please visit Change Direction.

Welcome to the New Executive Director of the NH NASW

lynnLynn Stanley has clinical experience and a strong macro social work background in social policy (children and families), training and facilitation, and volunteer board coordination. She spent fourteen years with Casey Family Services: first as a clinical case manager, then providing technical assistance to foster/ adoptive parent associations, and the last six years as the Team Leader for Casey’s school-based Franklin Family Resource Center. Lynn continues to be the Lead for the New Hampshire Afterschool Network part-time. She is also adjunct faculty at Rivier University, teaching Social Welfare Policy. Lynn earned her MSW from the University of New Hampshire. She is also active in the community, serving on New Hampshire Children’s Advocacy Network Steering Committee, the Concord (NH) Public Library Foundation Board, and the Endowment for Health Advisory Council and its Program Committee. You may contact her at the chapter, (603) 226-7135 or

December 7, 2015 Status Report – 2015 Legislation






HB 216 Relative to recovery of certain investigatory costs by regulatory boards and commissions (provides for a procedure for the recovery of an occupational board or commission’s investigatory costs from persons subject to disciplinary orders) McGuire, Carol Senate voted to rerefer the bill to committee. 5/28/15.


HB 128 Authorizing individuals and certain businesses to purchase health insurance from out-of-state companies McClarren, Donald Before the House in January 2016 with a recommendation the bill be killed. Committee vote 16-4.


SB 67 NEW TITLE: Establishing a commission to study opioid misuse in New Hampshire D’Allesandro, Lou Before the House in January 2016 with a recommendation the bill be killed. 13-0 committee


SB 127 Relative to special conservatorships for Medicaid (establishes special conservatorships for Medicaid. Under this bill, special conservators are appointed to assist persons in long-term care facilities or hospitals fill out applications required by the department of health and human services) Forrester, Jeanie Senate voted to rerefer the bill to committee 3/12/15


Reducing business taxes, repealing the education tax, and establishing an income tax Henle, Paul Withdrawn


Extending the NH Health Protection program Sherman, Thomas Filed for 2016. Text not available


HB 1193 Relative to the wellness and primary prevention council French, Barbara


Relative to the use of the Family and Medical Leave Act time as it applies to workers’ compensation Webb, James Filed for 2016. Text not available


HB 1108 Relative to inquiries by employers into the criminal history of applicants for employment Heffron, Frank


HB 1209 Relative to consultations under the telemedicine law MacKay, Jim


Requiring vendors under the Medicaid Managed Care program to provide certain reports Martel, Andre Filed for 2016. Text not available


Relative to conversion therapy seeking to change a person’s sexual orientation Scheien, Eric Filed for 2016. Text not available


HB 1394 Requiring DHHS to report on the effectiveness of mental health treatment programs Weyler, Ken


Relative to disqualifying certain members of certain groups from receiving public assistance Weyler, Ken Filed for 2016. Text not available


Requiring drug testing of public assistance recipients Leeman, Don Filed for 2016. Text not available


HB 1310 Establishing a commission to study health care for all residents of NH Leishman, Peter


Establishing a commission to study single payer health care McNamara, Richard Withdrawn


Relative to the possession and use of controlled drugs, relative to treatment for substance, relative to annulment of certain criminal records, and establishing funding for drug treatment programs Bouldin, Amanda Filed for 2016. Text not available


Requesting a modification of the NH Health Protection Program LaChance, Joseph Filed for 2016. Text not available


Relative to alcohol and drug treatment programs Kurk, Neal Filed for 2016. Text not available


HB 1516 Relative to balance billing Luneau, David


Expanding the defense and indemnification provided under RSA 99-D to investigations by and claims filed with professional licensing boards, committees, and regulatory agencies D’Allesandro, Lou Filed for 2016. Text not available


Establishing video lottery and table gaming at one location D’Allesandro, Lou Filed for 2016. Text not available


Relative to the penalty for possession and use of fentanyl-class drugs, insurance coverage for substance use disorders, the acceptance of general funds by the prescription drug monitoring program, and the membership of the Board of Medicine Bradley, Jeb Filed for 2016. Text not available


Relative to a special health care service license Bradley, Jeb Filed for 2016. Text not available


Relative to licensing of alcohol and drug abuse counselors from other jurisdictions Fuller Clark, Martha Filed for 2016. Text not available


Relative to the appropriation for Medicaid managed care Bradley, Jeb Filed for 2016. Text not available


Relative to data privacy in the workplace Bradley, Jeb Filed for 2016. Text not available


Relative to preauthorization for substance abuse treatment Stiles, Nancy Filed for 2016. Text not available


Relative to specialty insurance Boutin, David Filed for 2016. Text not available


To implement a system of care for children’s behavioral health Forrester, Jeannie Filed for 2016. Text not available



New Ethics Consultation Hours

NASW’s Office of Ethics and Professional Review answers member’s questions on a variety of ethical issues. Questions can range from “Am I required to provide my client access to their records” to “Under what circumstances am I required to report abuse” and “Am I able to provide therapy electronically to a client in another state.”

Consultations were offered for only three hours each day on Tuesdays and Thursdays. However, NASW members wanted the association to expand the service.

“Although members have expressed that the ethics consultations are one of the most valued benefits of membership, some stated that the window of opportunity to receive them is somewhat narrow,” said NASW Director of Ethics and Professional Review Dawn Hobdy, MSW. “I’m excited that NASW will offer extended hours to better meet the requests of membership.”

Ethics Consultation Hours & Contact Info

(800) 638-8799

  • Mondays 1:00pm – 4:00pm (ET) ext. 223
  • Tuesdays 10:00am – 1:00pm (ET) ext. 231
  • Wednesdays 1:00pm – 4:00pm (ET) ext. 223
  • Thursdays 10:00am – 1:00pm (ET) ext. 231

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Tradeoffs Many Would Make to Expand Social Security

Republished October 30, 2014

CONCORD, N.H. – A new survey finds broad support across party lines and age generations for the value of Social Security, even when it comes to paying a little more to expand benefits.

The survey of Americans 21 and older finds three out of four value Social Security, with 86 percent agreeing the current program does not provide sufficient income for beneficiaries.

Stephen Gorin is executive director of the New Hampshire chapter, National Association of Social Workers and a member of the National Academy of Social Insurance, which issued the findings.

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Obama says he wants more young people to become social workers

President Obama on Monday announced more initiatives to reduce student loan debt, including expanding a program that puts a cap on how much students spend each month to repay loans.

In this National Public Radio report, Obama said enabling more young people to go into college is important because the nation needs more social workers and other professions.

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August 15, 2014 Status Report – 2014 Legislation





HB 234 Relative to occupational and professional boards and commissions procedures concerning military service and occupational experience or training Baldasaro, Al Senate voted to rerefer the bill to committee. Dead for the session.
HB 255 NEW TITLE: Establishing a commission to study medical costs and payments under workers’ compensation law Daniels, Gary House non-concurred with the Senate amendment 5/14/14. Bill dead.
HB 476 Relative to medical care price disclosure and transparency ( requires health care professionals and facilities to provide the expected direct care price for services at the request of the uninsured patient or prospective patient) Garcia, Marilinda House voted to send the bill to interim study on 1/8/14. Work session 6/3/14, 1:00, 205 LOB.
HB 544 NEW TITLE: Relative to access to health insurance coverage. House version of expanded Medicaid. Butler, Ed Passed the House 1/8/14 with a Medicaid expansion amendment. New Title. Senate returned the bill to the House. Effectively killed.
HB 597 NEW TITLE: Relative to a drug-free workplace for licensed health care facilities and providers Copeland, Timothy Signed by the Governor. 5/27/14. Ch. 36.
HB 1170 Repealing the death penalty in NH Cushing, Robert After a series of 12-12 votes the Senate voted to table the bill 4/17/14.
HB 1174 NEW TITLE: Establishing a committee to study the payment of subminimum wages to persons with disabilities Muns, Chris Signed by the Governor. 5/27/14. Ch. 50.
HB 1188 Relative to paycheck equity (This bill prohibits employers from requiring an employee to refrain from disclosing the amount of his or her wages.) Weed, Charles Signed by the Governor. 7/23/14. Ch. 250.
HB 1189 Relative to temporary worker rights (This bill requires temporary staffing companies to provide temporary workers with certain information. This bill also provides certain protections for temporary workers.) Weed, Charles House voted to send the bill to interim study 3/25/14.
HB 1260 Relative to the communication of costs of children in need of services (CHINS) programs to families. Abrami, Patrick Signed by the Governor. 5/27/14. Ch. 57.
HB 1280 Permitting physician’s assistants to authorize walking disability placards (currently physicians, podiatrists and APRNs) Gidge, Ken Signed by the Governor. 6/11/14. Ch. 94.
HB 1355 Relative to unemployment compensation for self-employed individuals (permits a corporation to exclude the wages of certain individuals from the wages it reports to the department of employment security) St. James, Kevin House voted to send the bill to interim study 3/5/14
HB 1407 Relative to privacy in the workplace and in educational institutions (This bill prohibits an employer from requiring an employee or prospective employee to disclose his or her social media or electronic passwords) Rogers, Katherine Signed by the Governor. 8/1/14. Ch. 305.
HB 1434 Relative to surrogate health care decision making by a family member or friend Signed by the Governor. 7/21/14. Ch. 239.
HB 1442 Relative to mental health courts Harding, Laurie Signed by the Governor. 7/14/14. Ch. 222.
HB 1555 Relative to the neglect of elderly, disabled, or impaired adults and relative to financial exploitation Rogers, Katherine Signed by the Governor. 6/19/14. Ch. 151.
HB 1572 NEW TITLE: establishing a permanent subcommittee of the HHS Oversite Committee relative to Alzheimer’s disease and other related dementia and requiring certain training and education programs regarding Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia Long, Patrick Signed by the Governor. 5/27/14. Ch. 67.
SB 213 Establishing a registry for provider orders for life-sustaining treatment Reagan, John Became law without Governor’s signature. 8/2/14. Ch. 328.
SB 259 Establishing a palliative care center for health care consumers and providers and continually appropriating a special fund. Reagan, John Signed by the Governor. 7/14/14. Ch. 228.
SB 270 NEW TITLE: Establishing a commission to study mental health implementation in New Hampshire Fuller Clark, Martha Signed by the Governor. 7/22/14. Ch. 253.
SB 309 Relative to the NH Vaccine Association (adds three members to the governing board and requires annual reporting to Governor and legislature) Bradley, Jeb Signed by the Governor. 7/11/14. Ch. 199.
SB 360 NEW TITLE: Relative to the comprehensive health care system Fuller Clark, Martha Killed in the House 5/7/14
SB371 Requiring the establishment of a senior citizens bill of rights Stiles, Nancy Signed by the Governor. 7/11/14. Ch. 203.
SB 413 Relative to access to health insurance coverage (Establishes NH Health Protection Program. Also estab. the NH Health Protection Trust Fund. Admin. by DHHS to pay costs associated with the programs established and to accept fed. $ for programs) Morse, Chuck Signed by the Governor. 3/27/14. Ch. 3.