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April 02 - April 08
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    Partnerships in Health Care: Enhancing the Cancer Survivorship Experience

    8:00 am-4:00 pm
    Grappone Conference Center
    70 Constitution Ave, Concord, NH, United States

    Approved by NASW, NH Chapter, for 5.75 Category 1 CE Credits, Approval #3309

    Three plenary sessions:

    Importance of Community Partnerships toward Advancing Cancer Care and Research
    Implementing Survivorship Care Plans: What’s Happening in Practice?
    Living Well After Cancer

    Who should attend?

    Individuals, organizational leaders, and decision makers who are interested in addressing policy and systems change to improve care planning for all cancer survivors in NH communities
    Patients, providers, nurses, social workers, cancer registrars, health educators, and others involved in oncology care coordination

    Click here to register. Register by Friday, February 24 to take advantage of the reduced Early Bird fee of $70.

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    A Conversation with Becky Field, Photographer

    6:00 pm-7:30 pm
    Institute on Disability - Conference Room
    56 Old Suncook Road, Concord, NH, United States

    Embracing Diversity in New Hampshire

    The Diversity Awareness Committee of the NH NASW in partnership with Plymouth State University is excited to announce three seminars to increase understanding of the needs of refugee and new immigrant communities in New Hampshire

    A Conversation with Becky Field, Photographer

    Ms. Field is a local photographer who has documented the lives of New Hampshire’s immigrants and refugees. Her book, Different Roots, Common Dreams, celebrates the resilience and beauty of New Hampshire’s diverse families.

    This is one of three seminars offered by NH NASW and PSU

    All seminars are free to participants, though registration is required

    One Category 1 Clinical CEU has been applied for

    Please email admin.naswnh@socialworkers.org for more information or call 603.226.7135

    For more information and to register click here

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    Ethical Considerations in Suicide Prevention and Postvention for Behavioral Health Care Providers

    8:45 am-4:15 pm
    UNH School of Law
    2 White Street, Concord, NH 03301, USA

    Approved by NASW, NH Chapter, for 6 Cat. 1 CE Credits in Ethics and Suicide Prevention, Auth. #3286

    From the days of ancient Greece to modern times, suicide has posed vexing philosophical and ethical questions. Clinicians working with suicidal individuals face ethical challenges which may vary for different age cohorts and cultures. Provision of effective clinical practice requires clinicians to recognize and examine their own personal values and attitudes as well as respecting and understanding those of their clients. Clinician’s response and service to clients must be provided in a competent manner, with recognition of the strengths and needs of the individual and within the context of ethical codes and standards.

    Participants will engage in discussion of ethical issues such as dignity and worth of the individual, self-determination, involuntary treatment, and assisted suicide. Case scenarios representing challenging ethical situations with suicidal individuals will be explored through group discussion. This program will examine ethical concerns related to working with clients who are dealing with suicidal thoughts and behaviors, and will encourage clinicians to be more cognizant of how their own values, experiences and belief system impact their work.

    As a national best practice program, the Connect Suicide Prevention Program offers discipline-specific trainings to all community providers in how to promote healing and reduce risk in the wake of a suicide death. As participants, mental health practitioners will learn suicide postvention protocols specifically designed for mental health and substance use disorder providers and how these protocols interface with those of other community disciplines. This Ethics training will also examine what type of communication and collaborative approach mental health practitioners can take when responding to a suicide death in a community, while maintaining HIPAA confidentiality. Especial emphasis will be made on reducing the risk of contagion among community members who might be youth, young adults, and loss survivors, while also balancing the emotional needs of the clinician as loss survivor.

    Click here for registration information.

    Anxiety and Depression in Adolescent Girls

    9:00 am-3:30 pm
    Manchester UNH Campus- Pandora Building
    University of New Hampshire at Manchester, Commercial Street, Manchester, NH, United States

    Approved by NASW, NH Chapter, for 6 Cat. 1 CE Credits, Auth. #2186

    Drug abuse, self mutilation, sexual acting out, panic attacks, truancy, sadness, social isolation and suicidal ideation can all be manifestations of clinical anxiety and depression in adolescent females. This workshop will address how to differentiate mood disorders from “normal” adolescent moodiness and oppositional behavior. Descriptions of treatment tailored to this developmental period will be explored. This workshop is appropriate for people working in schools, group homes, and other related settings.

    (This is part of the Coaching Children and Teens Certificate Program, but you do not need to enroll in the program to take this seminar.)

    Cost: $159 (lunch included)

    Instructor: Christine Miller

    Visit http://learnforlife.unh.edu/search/publicCourseSearchDetails.do?method=load&courseId=22562&selectedProgramAreaId=16119&selectedProgramStreamId=16142 for more information and to register


    Adolescent Substance Abuse and the Brain: The Pathways to Addiction

    9:00 am-3:30 pm
    UNH Development and Training Center- Pease
    119 International Drive, Portsmouth, NH, United States

    The recent increase in heroin-related deaths and marijuana use highlights the need to revisit substance abuse prevention and treatment among adolescents. Risk taking, such as experimenting with alcohol and other drugs, is ingrained in the teen brain. While the teen brain is still developing, it is more vulnerable to the harmful effects of substance abuse. Some teens are at even greater risk because of genetics, family history, trauma, and mental health or behavioral problems. This workshop will explore the scientific territory of addiction and the importance and challenges of prevention. You will also learn how to identify signs and symptoms of abuse. Relevant issues relating to the recent increase in opiate use will be discussed.

    Cost: $159 (Lunch Included)

    Instructor: Mike Hague

    For more information and to register, visit http://learnforlife.unh.edu/search/publicCourseSearchDetails.do?method=load&courseId=22710&selectedProgramAreaId=16119&selectedProgramStreamId=16142

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